Lesson Starters - Integrating Media Resources with Teaching and Learning

What is a lesson starter?

Lesson Starters are lesson plan ideas based upon content studied in our schools that incorporate materials available through Central Rivers AEA Media Services.

Why did Central Rivers AEA create lesson starters?

One of our goals for Central Rivers AEA Media Services this year is to improve our public-facing tools and communication in order to increase the educator’s ability to access media information and resources. Our thinking is that If we make media resources connected to content and easier to access, then teachers will be more likely to use media integrated approaches and students will be more likely to experience deeper learning. It is our hope to promote AEA media resources along with saving educators time so you can focus on instruction instead of finding and organizing materials.

What will these lesson starters provide?

  • Links to both physical and digital resources in our AEA media collection
  • List of standards that connect to the content presented
  • Essential or guiding questions around the content
    Note: Some Lesson Starters will also go a bit further and give ideas on strategies that would promote student engagement and agency in their learning.

To utilize these lesson starters simply access this Google Drive folder, locate the subject, and sort by grade level. (more coming soon!)