Central Rivers AEA Future Ready: Vision for learning

Future Ready at Central Rivers AEA is how we transform an educational experience where teachers and students co-create learning through a variety of personalized, authentic experiences in order to ensure that all learners are adaptable and contribute to a global community.

There are a number of entry points for beginning the work and some critical questions to start the conversation in your school district or building. Each of the entry points below comes with a host of supports and resources that can be found in our document, Top 10+ Starting Points for Future Ready. You can also start the conversation by accessing any of our Future Ready team members or the leads listed below.

Choose your Starting Point on your journey to being Future Ready - Top 10+ Starting Points for Future Ready


Future Ready work is system-wide. It is for all kids and all grade levels. Our team at Central Rivers AEA is made up of staff with various backgrounds and expertise to help schools implement future ready practices. Regardless of your region, content area, or starting point in future ready work, we have team members ready to assist. To start your journey, reach out to your Region’s School Improvement Consultant.

Region Name Email
Region 1 Amy Moine Email Amy Moine
Region 2 Dustin Reese Email Dustin Reese
Region 3 Tina Halverson Email Tina Halverson
Region 4 Kirstey Ewald Email Kirstey Ewald
Region 5 Bill Soesbe Email Bill Soesbe
Region 6 Bradi Johnson Email Bradi Johnson
Region 7 Mikayla Montgomery Email Mikayla Montgomery
Region 8 Joe Kremer Email Joe Kremer
Region 9 Kim Hurley Email Kim Hurley
Region 10 Kara Shannon Email Kara Shannon
Region 11 Janelle Pirkl Email Janelle Pirkl