Special Education

Central Rivers Area Education Agency supports educators, parents, and the communities we serve as we work together toward one ultimate goal—to improve student learning. Iowa’s AEAs work as educational partners with public and accredited, non-public schools to help students, school staff, parents, and communities meet these challenges. We provide support in the areas of quality instructional materials, curriculum planning, best practices in teaching and learning, safe and caring learning environment, appropriate educational opportunities for all learners, technology planning, professional development, assessment, special education, leadership development, and more.

How do we serve kids in Special Education?

Congress enacted the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in 1975, and Iowa developed Area Education Agencies (AEAs) to provide support services required by the Act. Though 75 percent of each AEAs budget is tied to special education, the Iowa legislature assigned many other responsibilities to the AEAs to provide support to schools. Some of the most frequently used services include:

  • Media including books, videos and online resources
  • Professional Development
  • Technology
  • The AEA system assures families that each child will receive quality educational serves and materials regardless of where they live – in a large district or a small one.
  • The AEA provides specialists who work with young children and in schools to support students, families and teachers.  Some of these roles include:
    • Speech-Language Pathologists
    • Social Workers
    • Physical and Occupational Therapists
    • School Psychologists
    • Special Education Consultants
    • Early Childhood Special Educators

Students with disabilities may be provided with accommodations that give them access to the general education curriculum and its assessments. Some students with disabilities participate in alternate forms of assessment in order to demonstrate learning.