The Mentoring and Induction program is rebranding for the 2023-24 school year!

The Central Rivers AEA Mentoring and Induction Program will be rebranded into, “Creating an Engaging Environment to Empower Staff and Students,” for the 2023-24 school year! This change will support mentors, new hires and experienced teachers. Course details and information can be found below.

On August 10 and 11, courses #204934 and #204935 will be offered. Both courses are designed for beginning and experienced teachers, instructional coaches, mentor coordinators, TLC members and administrators. There will be an additional opportunity for beginning teacher and mentor collaboration around the five social-emotional learning (SEL) competencies and the Iowa Teaching Standards. Further details and registration information can be found on the Creating and Engaging Environment flyer.

Prior to those dates, Zoom sessions are being offered to summarize the support being offered next school year and answer any questions in regards to the August learnings, mentoring or induction. The first session’s recording is linked below for any attendees that missed it. Both options are the same, they are just being offered at different times.

  • May 16 (11:00 am – 11:30 am) – (Recording | Passcode: !S6uMqu5)
  • May 31 (8:00 am – 8:30 am) Zoom Link

There will be another opportunity for district teams to work through the process of defining the roles and responsibilities of meeting the needs of beginning teachers. A more detailed description is listed in the District Planning for Mentoring and Induction 23-24 flyer. The option to attend either on June 21 or August 8 (8:30 am – 12 pm) at all three Central Rivers AEA office locations. For questions or more information, please contact Dusty Reese, Kim Hurley or Kara Shannon, Consultants for School Improvement.