Summer reading with MackinVIA: preventing the “summer slide!”

Central Rivers AEA is providing a resource to encourage your students to keep reading all summer long with eBooks available through the MackinVIA library. The goal is to equip teachers, parents and students with an easy-to-use website containing eBooks and activities that will encourage children to continue exploring and reading during the summer. All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer break. Sitting idle for as long as three months could potentially undo the gains made throughout the year and affect how successfully a student will adjust to the upcoming school year.

MackinVIA is an eBook resource that contains a collection of fiction and nonfiction titles for K-12 students. The collection has hundreds of titles and crosses all content areas. Central Rivers AEA teachers and students have 24/7, year-round access to eBooks in MackinVIA by using their regular Iowa AEA Online building logins. A MackinVIA Reader app for different devices may also be utilized for reading eBooks offline. A spring webinar outlined the summer reading program, gave information on accessing the eBooks and gave details explaining planning for implementation. A slide deck with information and a recording of this webinar can be found below.

Please reach out to Cari Teske, Director of Media, with questions.