A gymnasium full of stars at GMG Elementary

GMG Elementary students were able to experience a sky full of stars right in their gymnasium with the help of our Digital Starlab Planetarium System. An educator at GMG Elementary, Tim Logeman, currently serves as the 5th and 6th grade Science and Social Studies teacher. Tim heard about the Starlab through an AEA learning opportunity and he made a connection to his own memory in elementary, when he was able to experience the Starlab.

After reserving the Starlab through Meda Services, Tim made connections with 5th graders as they were going through a formal unit of space where they concluded with an experience through the Starlab. They talked about constellations, Greek mythology, and planets’ orbit. 6th graders were able to have a refreshing lesson where they got to use their prior knowledge of the stars and planets to have partner conversations about different constellations, galaxies, and the solar system as a whole. 

Tim didn’t stop the experience there, he also partnered with other educators at GMG Elementary and all of Kindergarten through 6th grade were able to participate and create their own memory. In total, about 230 students were able to experience the Starlab through a 2-day event. Some of his favorite quotes from students were,

  • “It made the learning stick when we went into the Starlab” 
  • I never want to leave this lab, it is so fun to learn about our stars
  • It was so neat to see how our planet rotates and orbits affect the constellations”

Talk about an impact – Wow! 

Starlab at GMG

Is this something you’d like to bring to your building? Here is how you can bring this experience to life:

  1. TRAINING REQUIRED FOR USE. To enroll in online Starlab Training, please go to this link – https://centralriversaea.instructure.com/enroll/JTPBD8
  2. Reserve a date with Media Services, contact Brenda Streets to schedule
  3. We will deliver this right to your door! 

Want to learn more about the Starlab? Please contact Brenda Streets, our scheduling technician with any questions.